Faces, places and warm embraces.

Each lone element inspires me to create a beautiful image. It is the art of capturing the three together in perfect combination that merges photo with feeling. My goal as a photographer is to see the beauty and emotion behind things that people often miss. My job as your photographer is to capture your most precious moments in this light.

Discovering a love for the arts at a young age, I gravitated towards anything that let me use my creativity. After graduating from Columbia University - Barnard College, life quickly swept me towards the corporate world of finance and technology, but my heart always drifted back to my creative side. Photography allowed me to express myself via my art, and capture people, places and feelings that I loved.

After becoming a mother myself, I was in constant awe of my daughter's every move. There is simply a mesmerizing beauty in each breath of a child. I love capturing these moments for myself, and I wanted to do so for any family who honored me with the task of documenting their littlest loves and greatest joys. Around my daughter's first birthday, I traded in my VP for SAHM in order to devote my time to her, build my business... and I never looked back.

I love what I do.

I love meeting new families and children. I love when parents bring their tots back year after year and I watch them sprout like beanstalks. I love to hear those siblings excitedly introduce me to a new baby brother or sister. I love walking into a client's home and seeing my work proudly displayed on their wall. I love passing clients on the street and the kids run to give me a high-five. I love being one of the very first people in the world to welcome a precious new life.

Your family is one of a kind, as are your most cherished moments.

I look forward to bringing my passion as an artist and natural instinct as a mother, to create memories as beautiful and unique as your family.

Come along on a fun family shoot with me!

They say home is where the heart is

Audrey currently resides with her husband and two beautiful girls in their Manhasset home on Long Island's North Shore, but stills stays connected to their love of Manhattan and the home they've maintained on the Upper West Side for almost a decade. Splitting their time between the city and the suburbs gives the best of both worlds, and allows Audrey to meet a diverse group of clients. In addition to photography, she loves relaxing weekends in Central Park, cooking and entertaining, laughing with friends and family, traveling the world and babies.