There are few things in this world as beautiful and emotional as the birth of a new baby. Audrey seeks to capture these precious first moments of your child's life, the intense love and bond between parents and child and delicate details often missed during those first sleep-deprived days. An average newborn session lasts approximately 2-3 hours to allow extra time for posing, soothing, feeding and changes.


Newborn sessions ideally should be done within the first 10 days of life. During this time, your little one will still be in a deep slumber and naturally curl up for those angelic poses. These are the magic days for newborn photography. Audrey will do newborn sessions for up to 1 month of age, and assess the direction of the shoot upon meeting the baby. A more wakeful session will yield lovely images of baby opening those beautiful eyes to explore the world.


The majority of newborn shoots are done in-home due to the tender age of the child, and the ability to control the environment. Whether you have a pimped out nursery, or enjoy the closeness of a bassinet next to your bed, Audrey will capture beautiful images of your little one in his or her first home.


Audrey will discuss your preference for newborn wardrobe prior to your session. While babies are always the most adorable in the buff, it's also fun to swaddle them in beautiful cloths or try fun knit hats. Audrey can provide a handful of newborn knit items, and encourages parents to purchase ones that have special meaning to them. Clean neutral colors are the best choices for mom and dad, to create a feeling of lightness and innocence. Also, look around your home for any items you would like to use as a prop. Such things could be as large as an interesting piece of furniture, or simple as a basket or stack of fluffy towels. You are welcome to have as many wardrobe changes for baby as you like, but keep in mind that the more changes, the more times we will have to disturb and soothe back the little one.


Audrey meticulously reviews and selects the best shots out of the hundreds from your session, and lightly edits each image after your shoot. You will receive a link to a password protected proofing gallery in approximately 3-6 weeks, from which you can choose your photos for digital or print purchases. Once you have made your final selections, Audrey then hand edits each photo to final perfection. Audrey is available to discuss your options for fine art prints, heirloom photo products and digital files, ensuring that you take home wonderful memories that will be cherished for years to come.